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As many EV industry company stories go, our start was triggered  through discussions of new needs for the auto and commercial vehicle product development community.   So many solutions need to be found or developed to support this massive industry pivot to EVs; not necessarily new inventions, but new integrated system solutions.  Thermal management on EVs is one of those disciplines that don't get top attention from many but can become the Achilles heel of a new EV getting developed and launched.   Growing DC fast charging demands are only making this need more profound.

Our EV Thermal Flow Solutions CEO, Mark Rimkus, had some of these discussions and started talking with others in his network...validating the need and assembling a founding group of experienced auto and business people to fill a perceived gap at a system level in this thermal management space.  From early discussion of smart, CAN-controlled pumps we now aspire to provide complete thermal management solutions.    Our target customers are OEMs ranging from large established companies now moving aggressively into EVs to small start-up teams newly identifying the required resources to execute vehicle programs.

EVTFS Leadership Slide Image 10Apr2023 (less djs, kg).PNG


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